Rugged ethernet switches

by jackprabha

This question really depends on how you plan on using your network. For most users, a wireless network router is our recommendation. A wireless router allows wireless devices (e.g., your smartphone, tablet, wireless laptop) to connect to your network and to the Internet.

If cost is a concern and you only want to connect a few computer to each other, a switch is the ideal solution since they are cheaper than a router.

In some situations, you may need more than one router or switch. In a big area such as an office, you may need a router to connect all computers to the Internet or another network. Using other routers, switches, and access points allows you to connect other parts of a building to the same network.

Rugged ethernet switches

When it comes to enhancing situational awareness in today’s defense platforms, seamless and trusted communication between mission-critical systems is imperative.

Curtiss-Wright’s field-proven rugged switches and routers enable mobile networks on-board vehicle and aircraft platforms to securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures for situational awareness and network-centric operations. Designed to enable a holistic ecosystem where all technological components work together to enhance the warfighter experience, these rugged subsystems and card solutions give systems integrators capabilities for interconnecting cards, sensors and processors simply through switched Ethernet links.

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman Job Description also includes tasks such as monitoring the distribution, routing, dialing, and switching equipment utilized in the facility.